Dear LUMI-CON guests,

It is at this time with a heavy heart we must officially announce that we will not be continuing forward with our LUMI-CON event.

After many months of consideration and weighing the options at hand our staff fully believes it is in the best interest to close our doors at this time. With a nationwide pandemic slowly easing but not stopping there is still too great a risk to hold a smaller event such as our own and keeping everyone safe while within our care has always been a priority we will never negotiate with. Rather than rollover or keep pushing off the event till things get better we have decided at this time that too much time, energy as well as money is being wasted simply waiting for a day that may not be in our near future.

We have greatly appreciated all the support and words of encouragement given to us and we can not tell you how amazing it has been hosting an event for you in the past as we all grew together. This was not an easy choice to make although we hope it is one you will understand in the greater picture of things.

Thank you for bringing a special light to our event and gracing us with your smiles, laughter and creativity.

Thank you for believing in what we looked to achieve and build with you.

Thank you for making LUMI-CON the success it was and the memories you helped us create in all our media we look back fondly on.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we to do by entertaining you every hour of every day you were with us, but more than anything we thank you for giving us a chance by simply walking through our halls, supporting us by being there and sharing in our little light on the edge of a big galaxy.

In the future we hope to see you around the other amazing and eventful conventions through out the Florida convention scene and we wish you all the best on your adventures, journeys and lives.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as always never stop shining,


REFUNDS: If you purchased a space as a vendor in 2020 or Passes to the event we will be putting up information shortly to gather your updated information for our refunds procedure and help get this expedited.  Please stay tuned.

We ask that you do bare with us as we gather this information and contact all individuals entitled to a refund and not miss anyone. Thank you for patience and understanding.      

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Lumiconreg@gmail.com


Hey There, Lumi Family!

Unfortunately, due to the complications brought about by the circumstances of the year, we will be postponing LumiCon until 2022.

This was not an easy decision, but due to restructuring and the rise of Covid cases, Lumi just needs more time to rebuild. Thank you all for being amazing. We are using this time to ensure that we can be the best convention we can be. Every last one of you are important, and deserve our absolute best.

We ask of you the same patience and grace you have shown us thus far as we strive to create an experience that makes great memories.

-Tickets and exhibitor tables will be rolled over for our return in 2022.

-Hotel rooms can also be rolled over to 2022 dates once they’re officially announced.

-Any available artist alley and vendor tables will be available in the coming months.

We can’t wait to make more memories with you. Until then, stay safe, social distance, and be good to one another!



We may not be able to host our event this year but that won’t stop us from bringing you some fun ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home this month!

It never hurts to get an early start on 2021 so we’re heading into this October kicking off our favorite time of year with 3 online contests! These contests are looking to see your creativity, imagination and love for this spooky time of year!

Here are this years contests and good luck to everyone who participates!

1: Cosplay Carnivale Online! – Our Cosplay Carnivale is held every year in our main events room! This year we’re taking entries from your very own home so those cosplays you have been working hard can still be appreciated and seen! Head on over to our Cosplay Carnivale page to see our rules for entry and how to participate in this contest!

2: Pumpkin Design contest! – Show your artistic side by carving, decorating or painting a pumpkin showing off your favorite fandoms or characters!

All Pumpkins will be judged by the LUMI-CON staff and we will select 3 of the best pumpkins from all entries!

3: Anime Photo Contest! – In this unique photo contest use your imagination to best capture an image of what an everyday scenario looks like for your characters!

Use those cosplays sitting in your closet to take a photo of how your characters spends a normal day or how they would celebrate this Halloween season!

So whether its a cool image of your character watching a sunset or them dressing up as their favorite monsters for Halloween show us what you can capture!


Each winner will receive LUMI-CON weekend passes or Swag bags!

Good Luck to all contestants and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Head on over to our ONLINE CONTEST PAGE to enter!


Dear Lumi-con fans,

As stated in our COVID-19 Health & Safety section, we looked to make a final announcement on the convention status no later than August, 2020.

At this time we feel we are able to make that call and do so with everyone’s best interest at heart. This was no easy decision as we looked forward to our 3rd year being something you could look forward to as many events within the state have had to postpone or cancel.

LUMI-CON now looks to also do it’s part and what we believe is right thing at this time to protect our staff, attendees, guests, exhibitors and our community as a whole.

We do look forward to coming back next year and hope you will join us next Halloween, we had many great plans for this years event and we will use this time to improve further on those plans to bring you an experience you truly deserve.

Thank you all for the amazing support you have given us through this year and also the patience in bringing you this information as it has unfolded.

We wish everyone a safe & healthy 2020, and hope you and your family’s will join us for LUMI-CONS return October 29th – 31st 2021 at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon!


If you have purchased a pass, booth or hotel room for our event please read the information in below.



At this time we have created a simple form to streamline information and take care of everyone as quickly as possible. Please fill out our form at the bottom of this post or side bar on the front page of our website before September 1st, 2020.

(Please allow us a few weeks to process any refunds)

If you participated in our Pass Protection Program your order will automatically be refunded and you don’t need to do anything.

Promotional & Complimentary passes:

Any passes issued through special promotions or Complimentary passes through contests will be honored for 2021.

(Pass per night promotional tickets are excluded)

EXHIBITORS TABLES: (Vendor room and Foyers)

Vendors and Artists may rollover their space and table fees locking in for 2021 or request a full refund releasing your table space in which you must reapply next year. (Please fill out our rollover or refund form by September 1st, 2020)


Any guests who have booked a stay with the Sheraton Tampa Brandon have been instructed by the hotel to call the hotel service line directly to cancel their reservations for this years event. Please be patient with them as their staff is going through a difficult time also and they are doing the best they can.


At this time we ask that all panelists who have submitted info to re-apply in 2021.

~Special Events & Guest Info~

If you’ve applied for any of our programming or have guest spots for LUMI-CON 2020 we will be contacting you directly regarding 2021 appearances and performances.

For any other questions please drop us a message at Lumiconvention@gmail.com


🎃⭐Lumi-con is Proud to announce Discotheque Dream 2020!⭐🎃

The Discotheque Dream is on a mission to take you through a storybook journey into fandoms with its wild fusion of off-the-wall comedy and stylish dance choreography. 💃🕺So grab your dance partner and have a seat!

Will our mystery gang escape the evil ghostly clutches of DANCE? I 👻Will you? Or will you freak to the beat of the music? ☠

To learn more about Discotheque Dream head on over to our MAIN EVENTS tab!

Star Pop Live!

In 2019 LUMI-CON invited 5 groups of Idols and dancers to take the stage in the very first Star Pop Live! event!

We provide the stage, lighting, sound system and audience. They provided a knock out show that was so well received we’re bringing it back by popular demand for another year!

Is your Idol or dance group looking to make a huge convention debut but don’t know where to apply? Then look no further as LUMI-CON is looking to give you the opportunity you’ve been searching for!

If selected, our talented team will work with you from beginning to end to put on the concert experience of your dreams!

Visit our MAIN EVENTS tab for more info!




Teaming up with OP FANDOM WARE we’re launching the first phase of our LUMI-CON merchandise to ensure you can order what you want and have it ready in your size at the event!

Right now they are offering special online pricing for our OFFICIAL LUMI-CON 2020 T-SHIRTS for only $20!! That’s 20% of at door pricing!!

We’ve also heard how much you’ve loved the customization feature we offer on our VIP passes so this year LUMI-CON T-shirts will have the option of name customization!

Add your Name, Cosplay handle, Gamertag or text to make your shirt one of a kind!


From fandom Decals to Official LUMI-CON T-shirts, Hoodies and tote bags we are hoping to grow this store and offer more custom items in the future for you!

Click the image above or use the special link on the right to see what we have in store today!  Have an idea for some custom merch than send OP FANDOM WARE a message from their page and to let them know what you want to see!



FFIX 2020 Banner3

LUMI-CON is proud to announce the return of the one and only Final Fantasy Ball!!

Are you ready for this years event in Alexandria?

What do we have in store for Final Fantasy IX as this years theme!?

Read our event info then secure your passes for the show and FFB Experience character Dinner before they are gone!

For more information on this event and future audition info please head on over to our MAIN EVENTS sections!



Coivd banner

LUMI-CON is still working hard behind the scenes to bring you an event this October!

“But what will happen in the fall if things continue as they are and how we will be handling things from possible postponement to Pass Protection?”

We look to forward working with our community by keeping you informed of everything that happens within the coming months in our COVID-19 UPDATES PAGE.

We thank you all for your continued support and keeping our light shining on the road to LUMI-CON 2020!


2020 Panels Now Open


Last year we had an amazing turn out of panelists who filled every room and time slot with all varieties of content! We were so impressed by all the submissions!

From dance performances to informative tik tok pointers you shared what you loved and it was enjoyed by all!

At this time we’re opening up our time slots once again and look for you to help fill our schedule sharing your talents with everyone!

Our panel form has now gone live so head on over to our PANELS section and click on the form to submit your panel today!

We wish all our panelists the best of luck and we can’t wait to help you deliver the panel experience you want to attain!

LUMI-CON is rolling out more content so look for us to announce our Main Events, COVID-19 FAQ, and more on the great things we are hosting at your 2020 event! 

Virtual Artist Alley!

Virtual Artist Alley IMAGE

It’s no secret that LUMI-CON supports and cares about all it’s talented exhibitors each year they join us but in these recent times they and others like them have felt the impact of this current pandemic and every little bit of support counts right now!

Soon you will see a lot of updates about those attending our event in October who are looking forward to seeing you, but recently we were also given the heads up on this wonderful Facebook group that has been put together helping artists across the country in hopes to bridge the gap and help them out as well!

Click on the VIRTUAL ARTIST ALLEY image to the right to see what wonderful items these artists are creating and sharing with you today! Support your local and now nationwide artists so they can make it back on their feet and get to their next events safely!

Stay tuned as LUMI-CON will be adding a Covid-19 update page about changes we’re making to make your 2020 convention season safer, easier and a little bit brighter! 



Support local events!



Looking for something to do in March?

Then look no further as Palm Harbors annual event ACEcon is once again taking over the Palm Harbor Library!

Located at 2330 Nebraska Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 ACE con looks to connect you with others to make new friends, promote some local artists & vendors, play some games or maybe even test out that new cosplay?

Mark your calendars as this is event takes place on March 21st 2020 from 1 PM to 4 PM, is for all ages and the best part is it’s absolutely free!

LUMI-CON staff will be there in support and we’re offering free passes to all the top contest winners!

We look forward to seeing you there and hope you will help us spread the word supporting local cons!

Would you like to cross promote with LUMI-CON and help get our events seen? Drop us a line at Lumiconvention@gmail.com to tell us about your event!

Exhibitor Tables Open!



We LOVE our Exhibitors and thank them for their support in building a beautiful relationship supplying you with quality products and creativity!

If you are a Reserve phase Exhibitor, remember you have until March 14th to claim your table!

Head on over to our EXHIBITORS tab to secure your tables today! 



Exhibitor announce


Are you looking to be an Exhibitor at this years Halloween event LUMI-CON?

Then don’t miss your chance as our Exhibitor spaces sell out faster each year!

On February 14th, 2020 our available Artist and Vendor tables will open with the tables ready to go and then open up further with any unclaimed tables after our reserve phase on 3/15/2020!

Want to be added to our wait list in case a table becomes available in the section you want? Then fill out our WAIT LIST FORM on either the ARTIST or VENDORS pages so we can contact you as soon as one opes up!


Hotel booking banner

Here we come to help you book your rooms for another amazing weekend ahead! And yes LUMI-CON Sheraton Brandon Tampa rooms have stayed the same price as last year!

$119 a night to make sure you stay close to the con floor and don’t miss any of the action that goes on all weekend long!

Act quickly and be one the first 20 people to book your stay and you’ll receive a complimentary weekend pass to show our appreciation and save you some cash!

Head on over to our HOTEL page to find out more about our venue, offers and more!!